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Founded in 2007, Federica Tosi started creating her well known and loved jewellery line. A few years later the Roman born designer also started to create clothing alongside her jewellery to create a brand which is known as a unique and contemporary label Federica Tosi. Her jewellery is known for light silhouettes and geometric cuts added with precious elements such as rose gold plated and Swarovski crystals making them verstile for any occasion whether its day or night. Made in Italy, the line combines expression and sophistication with attention to fine craftsmanship.  

''Reality is my creative starting point. I try to observe the many nuances of it from different points of view. Being able to create a single design piece that meets different needs. This is my idea of contempoary.'' - Federica Tosi 

''From modern tribal to medieval with a touch of rock and roll'' - Federica Tosi 

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